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ScanControl Under Windows Vista & Windows 7

ScanControl Version 7.1.x and later is supported under Windows Vista and Windows 7 WITH THE FOLLOWING CAVEATS:

bulletUnder Windows Vista and Windows 7 ScanControl MUST be run using the "Run As Administrator" mode.  If it is not you will receive an "Incorrect License Key!" error message and the program will default to Demonstration mode.  "Run As Administrator" mode is not the same as being logged on as a user with Administrative Privileges so READ ON.  There are 3 ways to invoke "Run As Administrator" mode:
bullet1.  Click "Start", "Programs", locate ScanControl in the programs list, right click on "ScanControl", click on "Run As Administrator".
bullet2.  If you have a ScanControl icon on your desktop you must set its' "Run As Administrator" option by right clicking on the icon, click on "Properties", click the "Advanced" tab, check the "Run As Administrator" checkbox, click the "OK" button, click the "Apply" button, click the "OK" button.  Once this checkbox is checked, every time you click on the ScanControl icon it will be Run As Administrator.
bullet3.  Open Windows Explorer and select the ScanControl Installation directory.  Locate the scanctrl.exe file (if the .exe suffix is not visible then the file will be named scanctrl and the file type will be "Application"), right click on this file and select "Run As Administrator".  You would need to do this every time you want to run ScanControl using this method.


bulletUpgrading? - Upgrading from a prior version of ScanControl, or from the Demo Edition to a licensed edition, is accomplished the same as described on the download web page using the following steps:
  1. NOTE: ScanControl must be installed and run under a Windows User ID with Administrative privileges.

  2. Download ZIP file into its own temporary directory (any name) by clicking on link above.

  3. Unzip the setup files into the same setup directory.

  4. VERIFY that the downloaded file size matches the approximate file size quoted above.  If it does not the download did not complete successfully and therefore the installation will not work.  If the file sizes don't agree then attempt the download again.

  5. NOTE:  Be sure to uninstall your current version of ScanControl using the Windows Vista & Windows 7 PROGRAMS AND FEATURES utility in the Control Panel before proceeding to install this upgrade.   This step WILL NOT delete any ScanControl data files you may have created and saved.

  6. From within the setup directory right click on the SETUP.EXE file and select "Run as Administrator".

  7. Follow the setup process instructions.  If you are upgrading from a previous version you'll want to install ScanControl in the same directory so it can easily find your data files.  NOTE: ScanControl does not have to be installed in the DEFAULT directory.

  8. The temporary setup folder contents can be deleted when the process is complete but you should keep the ZIP file for backup purposes.

  9. Before running the upgraded version of the program make sure your scanner is connected to your PC, powered up and Remote Mode is enabled.

  10. NOTE:  Visit our Radio Setup page to learn how to setup and configure your particular radio for computer control using ScanControl.

  11. Follow the instructions noted above to run the program.


bulletOn-line Help - ScanControl Help content requires the winhlp32.exe engine which is not contained in Windows Vista & Windows 7.  Microsoft offers a download that displays the ScanControl Help content when using the F1 key, but is not allowing developers to distribute the download with software releases. The first time Help is called from within ScanControl via the F1 key Vista & Windows 7 alerts the user to the problem and offers a link to the download.


bulletTo utilize Intelligent Audio Capture (IAC) proper registration of the audioctl.dll has to occur under Vista and Windows 7. There are two methods of registering the DLL that are possible with Version 6.1.  ScanControl now informs the user of these methods when first installing the software:
bullet1)  Automatic - This method only works the first time ScanControl is run after installation.  If you have been using ScanControl for some time see the manual method below.  The first time ScanControl is run after installation ScanControl performs automatic DLL registration.  For this registration to be successful the program must be started via "Run As Administrator".  Running under a User ID that has Administrative privileges is not good enough.  The program has to be "Run As Administrator" by right clicking on the scanctrl.exe file and selecting "Run As Administrator" or setting the "Run As Administrator" checkbox option under the Advanced tab of the ScanControl desktop icon.
bullet2)  Manual - With ScanControl shut down:
bulletClick Start Button, All Programs, Accessories
bulletRight click Command Prompt and select "Run As Administrator", a DOS Command window opens
bulletType the following (without the quotes) "regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\audioctl.dll" and press Enter
bulletYou should see a dialog box saying  "Dllregsvr32 .................... successful"
bulletClose the dialog box
bulletType "Exit" and press Enter at the command prompt to close the command window
bulletYou can now start ScanControl normally.  Click the Program Options button on the main ScanControl screen to open the Program Options screen.  If you don't receive a warning message about IAC then the DLL is registered correctly.

ScanControl pre-version 6 releases will not be tested and certified for use under Windows Vista & Windows 7.  Users of earlier ScanControl versions will need to upgrade to Version 6 and later to obtain support under Vista & Windows 7.

Check our Announcements web page or our Users Group message board for any updates on Windows Vista & Windows 7 compatibility testing.


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