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3D Technologies Announces ScanControl Version 7.1 Adding Control / Monitoring for GRE PSR-500, GRE PSR-600, Radio Shack PRO-106 & RadioShack PRO-197 and Adding New Features.  See Our What's New Page.

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Technical Support for ScanControl is provided via email for the most current software version and 1 version level back.  If you are not on the current software version, or 1 version level back, we are only able to respond to support issues on a best effort basis.  We ask that users visit our Support Request page and follow the instructions there so we are equipped with all the information required for us to effectively diagnose any problems.  All support requests will be responded to within 24 hours.  Quick questions can be directed to

This Technical Support section includes several helpful informational aids designed to help you get the most out of your scanning experience.  3D Technologies has developed various documents that are all available here to aid the novice and experienced user.  These include:


A Radio Setup Quick Reference page that provides step by step instructions for setting up your radio for use with ScanControl.


The Uniden Dynamic Memory Architecture (DMA) explained.


An Intelligent Audio Capture (IAC) Overview page.


An Intelligent Audio Capture (IAC) Implementation page.


An Intelligent Audio Capture (IAC) Troubleshooting flowchart.


Appending phrase pairs to the DataGrabber SmartTag list.


An example of a DMA Radio System Navigator Map print out.


A Digital Sound Quality instruction page.  You can adjust the sound quality of the audio when listening to a Digital Trunked System.  Uniden Digital radios (BC250D, BC296D, BC785D and BC796D) have an APCO 25 Sound Quality adjustment procedure.


A Trunk Programming flowchart that takes you step by step through the trunked radio system programming process for Uniden radios using ScanControl.


A Bank Memory Map that explains how Uniden radio bank memory is organized.  This diagram simply and clearly explains how ScanLists are organized, what the Fleet Map is and how the various trunk radio system types utilize this memory.


A ScanControl Data File Translation Matrix .


A Control Channel Only Mode Tutorial.


A tutorial on running Multiple Instances of ScanControl on a single PC.


Downloadable User documentation for our line of USB to Serial port converters.


A PRO-2052 Firmware Bulletin with details on the differences between older and newer in the PRO-2052 and how ScanControl addresses them.


A link to Uniden's Web Site area containing links to recent firmware updates.


A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page that contains some of the more common user questions we get through email and on our User Group site.


User Manuals:  The following links will open / download Uniden, GRE and Radio Shack Scanner User Manuals in PDF format.
bullet BC245XLT User Manual
bulletBC250D User Manual
bulletBC785D User Manual
bullet BC780XLT User Manual
bulletBC296D User Manual
bulletBC796D User Manual
bulletBC895XLT User Manual
bulletR/S PRO-2052 User Manual
bulletBCT8 User Manual
bulletBC898T User Manual
bulletSC230 User Manual
bulletBR330T User Manual
bulletBC246T User Manual
bulletBCD396T User Manual
bulletBCT15 User Manual
bulletBCD996T User Manual
bullet PSR-500 User Manual
bullet PSR-600 User Manual
bullet PRO-106 User Manual
bullet PRO-197 User Manual

Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view and print the User Manuals.


Need a User Manual for a scanner other than those listed above?  Click Uniden User Manuals for documentation for other Uniden Scanners.  Select your scanner and click the Support link to go to the Web page where you can download User Manuals.

bulletWe've heard several comments from owners of the DMA handhelds, and the PRO-2052 about the need for additional scanner usage reference material.  This website lists several Easier to Read online manuals for the SC230, BC246T, BR330, BCD396T, BCT15, BCD996T and the PRO-2052.  They have been generally lauded as much better than the Uniden offerings.  Click here >>>>

This section of our Web Site will be expanded to include more useful information for users in the future.

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